This client contacted us on 14th November complaining of severe scalp irritation, with lumps and scabs building up on her scalp, which were occasionally quite sore. She had been to the doctors and hospital for different treatments, but she said they didn’t know what her problem was, although they tried treating it with various products, but to no avail. She had suffered like this for many years, used lots of different products, but found no help whatsoever.

She called us after seeing one of our adverts and was pretty low and fed up and wasn’t holding out much hope. We advised her as best as possible giving her all of the treatment options available to her needs and emphazising that if she was able to give it a go, she really didn’t have much to lose, as we were confident there was room for improvement. She decided to have a go and took a ‘trial’ size treatment to start off with and see how she got on. Her treatment was sent out to her the same day and she received a courtesy follow up call on the 21st November. She consented for us to write and use this on her behalf, her comments were as follows:

‘I have done 2 washes using the treatments from Hairology and I am very pleased. My scalp is much better, with less irritation and flaking and the lumps seem much better. I will carry on and give consent to Hairology to write and use this on my behalf.’ Catherine from Dorset.

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