Do You Know the Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

Plenty of men end up losing their hair to some degree at some stage in their lives. But hair loss in women isn’t as unlikely as you’d think either. Alopecia can be the cause, as can stress. Another probable cause is telogen effluvium. This is where the hair thins all over instead of the person becoming bald in one area only. This can over time lead to an extremely sparse amount of hair on the head.

If you’ve noticed your hair seems to be thinning or you have one or more receding or bald patches on your head, the first line of defence should always be with your doctor. They’ll ask some questions and try to ascertain the reason for the hair loss. Next, you may want to think about seeking out some treatments for your particular type of hair loss. There’s no need to be nervous or self conscious about this. In fact, it might help to think of it as the next essential step in trying to regain your lost hair, encouraging your hair to grow more readily as a result.

The great thing about coming to Hairology is that we offer a phone consultation. Remember we’re devoted to helping people who are suffering from hair loss, and we know hair loss in women is particularly problematic. Don’t let it get to you though – start looking for potential aids in helping to minimise hair loss in women, including you. Worry could make the problem worse, especially if stress is the cause in the first place.

At any rate we’re here to help and we speak to people just like you every day about hair loss in women. Don’t suffer on your own – we’re just a call away.

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